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The Statistics Speak for Themselves

In the United States, a car is stolen every 44.5 seconds*. Vehicle theft remains our nation's leading property crime, occurring almost 3/4 of a million* times annually and costing Americans billions of dollars a year. You do not have to be a statistic. Protect your vehicle with Intercept....the industry's best stolen vehicle recovery solution.

The Intercept vehicle recovery system outperforms any system on the market today. Intercept features nationwide coverage through its U.L. approved National Stolen Vehicle Recovery Center that is manned with live operators 24/7. Intercept also covers Mexico, Canada and Puerto other program can provide that level of coverage.

Intercept uses patented GPS (global positioning satellite) technology to locate your stolen vehicle whether it is around the block or in the next state.

Check out the features and see why Intercept is the only stolen vehicle recovery system for your new car.

* according to 2013 NICB study.

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Intercept uses modern technology, including global positioning satellites and advanced cellular communications.


Why settle for another system with limited coverage? Intercept coverage exists in every major market in the United States!

No Mandatory Fees

There are no activation fees.

There are no monitoring fees.

There are no inspection fees.


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